The Kumaras are enlightened Masters who arrived on Earth millennia ago in order to teach humanity the evolutionary path that leads to God-Realization. This is the Gnostic realization that the Infinite Spirit dwells within you as you. To reach this pinnacle of enlightenment the Kumaras taught fledgling humanity the Gnostic-Alchemical Path. Through the wisdom and practices of this path one's inner alchemical force of Kundalini awakens to produce an expanded Gnostic Consciousness of Truth that encompasses both ourselves and the entire universe.    

In the Hindu Puranas or "Legends," the Kumaras are referred to as the first "Avatars" and Saviors of humanity. Although there were many of them, only four Kumaras are mentioned in the legends with their leaders being Sanat and Sananda Kumara. The galactic origin of the group is revealed by one of Sanat Kumara's alternate names, Karttikeya, meaning "Son of the Pleiades."









                                        Sanat Kumara                                                             Sananda Kumara

Before arriving on Earth the Kumaras resided on Venus . On that planet they acquired the nicknames of the Lords of Venus and the Lords of Love. It was they who taught the occupants of Venus the Path of Love - the emotion that Venus has since become synonymous with. In fact the name "Kumara" is a mantra of love that opens the human Heart Chakra. 

The Kumaras arrived on Earth during the era of Lemuria, the Pacific Continent known as the "Cradle of Humanity." On Lemuria the Kumaras founded the Order of the Seven Rays to spread and protect their Gnostic-Alchemical teachings - which in time were spread around the globe. Beginning nearly two hundred years ago the Order of the Seven Rays was renamed The Great White Brotherhood, which Sanat and Sananda Kumara still oversee from an etheric dimension.


In 1995 Andrea Mikana-Pinkham began channeling the Kumaras during a journey to Mt. Shasta,  the holy mountain that the Kumaras retreated to during the time of the destruction of most of Lemuria. A new era was dawning in Earth, so Andrea was chosen to be the mouthpiece for the important  Messages that the Kumaras would transmit to evolving humanity.  Since that time Andrea has been receiving regular messages which she typically has only shared verbally. Only now, in 2020,  has she received the guidance to include them on this page. 

Andrea Mikana-Pinkham receiving Messages from the Kumaras

Messages from The Kumaras, through Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, August 29, 2020

The Kumaras are Enlightened Masters from other worlds who have come here to Earth in the past to share the wisdom of the path of Self-Knowledge. I've been downloading their messages since they contacted me on Mt Shasta CA in the mid 1990's.

Today, Mark Amaru Pinkham asked The Kumaras: What will the world look like after the CoVid-19 pandemic is over?  

Greetings to all of You, Dear Ones! We are Kumara, that which You Be, which is Love! We are always here and ready to share, as we are You, as well as All Others who will read this message.

In answer to the Brother’s question, How your world on your planet Earth will “be” after the end of the current pandemic is not set yet. There will be the states of awareness for each individual spark of the Oneness, as well as for various groups, including your global family of humanity.

First we will address how it can be for individuals, as each individual has an effect on the various groups You interact with. We say to You that it will be how You see it, what part of your life You focus on at any given point in what You in the human experiment call “time”. And in Truth, it may not be any different for some of You than it is now. If in each moment You are able to focus in that present moment, then observe how and what You focus on. Is it beneficial for your spiritual growth? If so, then why would You change that focus in what You call your future to something else? You might change it to a nuance of that focus, but the main focus will remain. If you are able to be in that state “Now”, then You will also be able to be in that state in the “Future”. And what is the most beneficial focus that You can have? To know that You are Love, that You are the Oneness, the All That Is, that which the great sages have told You is The Self. If You continue your spiritual practices in order to achieve this state of consciousness now, then You will be in that consciousness when the pandemic is over.

We say to You that if You are focusing on any other state of consciousness “now”, then we encourage You to stop it. There is only Love. Anything else that You focus on is Fear. And what is Fear? It is only Love that has forgotten its true nature. So when You focus on anything other than the Love that You are, stop yourself when You realize that you are doing so, and come back to the focus of Love. We do know, dear Ones, that this is not as easily done as it is so easily said by Us. But, it’s The Way.

Do not allow Your Ego to control You. It is here to serve You to function in the human experiment in the illusion which You are in until You realize Your True Self. During that time it will distract You from your true nature in many different ways. It will induce You to take the energy-in-motion which is the e-motion produced by any thought, word or action and turn it into a state of being in which You can easily falsely identify with as what and who You are. But You are not that, we say to You. That is not the True Self that You are. So, when You come to realize that You are in one of those sates of being that a particular e-motion of energy has produced, stop and contemplate the feeling. Feel it, but do not become identified with it. Let the energy keep moving, transforming. Ask it to share with You what it is teaching You about your experience in the illusion.

You will find that it is giving You the opportunity to balance your karma. By understanding the feeling, and perhaps even where it originated, You will understand the karma that produced it. You do not need to necessarily understand the complete situation, just the state of being where it originated. Once You can do that, You have the opportunity to bring it into the light of understanding, which will take You to love and compassion for Yourself and any other beings (who are merely mirrors that have presented themselves to show You your true nature), and that will balance it. How do You do this? It is unique to each situation, and You have many of them from many lifetimes that You are seeking to balance in any one lifetime. Your soul chose which ones You would focus on before You took the Veil of Forgetfulness and came into this lifetime. You do not, nor can You, balance ALL of Your karma in one lifetime, unless You are a highly evolved soul who only has a small amount to work on completing. So take it one at a time.

Your life in the Illusion will bring the opportunities to You. When it does, in that situation, ask yourself if You are coming from Love or Fear? If You are not in the state of Love, then ask your True Self how You can move back home to it. Ask what, if anything, You need to “do” to accomplish that. Actions may be required. You might need to interact with Your Mirrors in order to bring the balance of understanding what they are showing You. Or sometimes it may be only an internal thinking process. When You are not able to let go of the fear (and do realize it has many forms!), then examine your motive or motives for wanting to not do so. Once You can answer that question(s), then You have the opportunity to choose to do what is necessary to let go of the fear state and move back into your true state of Love. 

We realize that we have not given You the picture of what your world will look like after the pandemic. And we will not do so, for You are not ready to know it. You are not in balance enough yet for that to happen. What we will say to You though is there must be major changes that must happen BEFORE it will end, before the virus will go away. As we have mentioned in a previous time of sharing: Humans must treat the planet  You live on, the sentient being that it is, with more love, caring and respect. The virus is here to show You what happens when You do not, and until there is a great shift in this attitude and your actions as a global community, it will not go away. Your scientists may create a vaccine which will allow some of You to by-pass it infecting You, but it will still be present, ready to infect those that it can. Consider it an extension of the Earth Herself, reaching out to bring balance to the situation She finds Herself in. She is showing humanity that You are not in charge of your lives, just as humanity has tried to show Her that She is not in charge. The Truth that You are all seeing and experiencing now is that it is truly the opposite. Humanity has no control over the Earth Herself, and when it seeks to place that control instead of live in harmony with Her, there is no balance. She is showing You all that She can indeed bring the balance.  

Each of You must do Your individual part in recreating the balance to live in harmony with Your planet. Once enough of You do so individually, and thus communally and globally, once a certain point is reached, then the virus will disappear. How long that will take is up to each of You! We say to You that You CAN and MUST do Your part, so DO IT!

We will leave You for now. We do say to You: Thank You all for this undertaking that You have chosen to participate in. Through the darkness the Light is shining brightly as each of You shines Your Light. So Be It. And It Is.

We will speak again with You at a later time. For now, Blessings to You all!


Messages from The Kumaras, through Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, May 20, 2020

Today, Mark Amaru Pinkham asked The Kumaras: People who have read the recent messages from you have asked how to contact you. What is the best way to call on you, to pray to you, to receive initiation and/or guidance from you?

Greetings to all of You, Dear Ones! We are Kumara, that which You Be, which is Love! We are very pleased once again that the vehicle is allowing us to speak through her to you today.

In answer to the Brother’s question, first of all we will say that we are not something to be prayed to. We are not something to be asked for initiation. For we are not anything separate from what you be, which is Love. It is to find, it is to search within, it is to re-discover, to reconnect with that Love that each one is, is it not? It is the want of the human ego to want to look up here and out here (pointing outwards and upwards) and not in here (pointing at Andrea’s heart).  We are here to remind humanity to look within.  Not to look without, not to look out there, but to look within. If you wish to call forth that which we be, which is Kumara, use the mantra “KuMaRa” to balance the male/female and to be at one with the true nature of the Self, and to remember. It is very short and sweet is it not, the answer? Ritual, ceremony? You do not need this. It does not have to be complicated and difficult. But it does take discipline to make the effort over and over and over and over. So we suggest that those who wish to connect with that which they be, which is Kumara, sit in meditation and use the mantra. Repeat it with the syllables pronounced with the same accent on each one, for the balance of the energy.

Mark: So if they receive guidance from within it’s the same as you, but also their own inner guidance, their Higher Self, correct.

The Kumaras: Yes, because all are one, is it not?


Mark: Thank you. That is what I will tell those who inquire then.



Mark: I have a  question about what’s happening in the USA regarding the division of thinking between people; it seems to be getting bigger and bigger each day. It’s worrisome and scary as to what’s going to come out of this division. Can you give us some words of solace and/or wisdom as to how we can heal this great chasm?


The Kumaras: First of all it is a projection of the ego that there is division. There is no division. But the egos do believe this, of course. And there are many reasons for this. If you’re saying that all will think, believe and live the same, no, that will not occur, due to karma. Each one has its own karma; it’s very individual. And that which you call your country has its karma. And your planet as well. And they’re all related of course. So…if you’re asking about healing for your country…

Mark: Yes. We’ve gone through periods when there have been less differences and less tension between the various factions.

The Kumaras: Because there has been more tolerance. There is much less tolerance now. In fact, there is very little tolerance.

Mark: Yes, it feels like the pressure cooker is about to explode!

The Kumaras: And it will!

Mark: And then what will happen?

The Kumaras: That has not been determined yet. It is up to all of you who live in your country. Each of you has the
responsibility to live each day in peace as much as you can. Peace within will project into the outer world, will it not? Peace is the most important thing that you can give to yourself and your fellow humans.  And your fellow country people, in these United State of America, as you call it.

Many of you are idealistic. Even your question “How can it be healed?” comes out of idealism. This is a good thing. However, in these very trying times you must bring it down to the pragmatic moment. How can I be in peace? How can I speak, live, be at peace? One way would be to not listen to those who have different viewpoints. Are you going to change your viewpoint? No. Are they going to change their viewpoint? No. 99% of the time this is how it is. So it is just the butting of heads, and that will not stop.

Mark: How would you recommend that each person work towards creating more peace in the world?

The Kumaras: To find the peace within. When you find peace within, it is radiated out, is it not? It is not in a box. It is radiated out and it affects your environment, does it not? So, if each of you is radiating that peace, of which there are many of you, then of course many more will start to feel it. We cannot say how it will affect each one, but it is definitely doing so. And you are aware of this are you not, because you do meditation for peace daily do you not? And you know it has been affecting the state of the world. So how could it not affect the state of this country that you live in? Perhaps you can see those who are not awake, of which there are many, as scared little children. And just send them love. You cannot speak to them. They are not ready to hear the message. It will not work. You can smile at them if you encounter them. Do not engage in conversation; it will be useless. They are not ready. They are very very young souls who do not even have the awareness that they are a soul. You are wishing for hope, wishing, inspiration, for 1 2 3 …do this do that. We have given you some pointers. And you do have hope, or you would not continue doing your meditation daily. And you are inspiring others.

We will leave you for now. We do say to you: Thank you all for this undertaking that you have chosen to participate in. Through the darkness the Light is shining brightly as each of you shines your Light. So Be It. And It Is.

We will speak again with you at a later time. For now, Blessings to y
ou all!

Messages from The Kumaras, through Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, April 25, 2020

Today, Mark Amaru Pinkham asked The Kumaras: What can we do to help the planet and speed up the end of the CoVid-19 pandemic?


Greetings to all of You, Dear Ones! We are Kumara, that which You Be, which is Love! We are very pleased once again that the vehicle is allowing us to speak through her to you today.In answer to the Brother’s question, we say to all of you: Be in the moment. Stay out of the frequency of fear. Remember that fear is only Love that has forgotten what it is. Therefore there really is no fear. It only seems real to you when you create it in your mind by paying attention to False Evidence Appearing Real. Keep your thoughts focused on Love and Compassion. And any actions that you undertake from your homes, let them be put forth being mindful of that focus.


You are helping your Mother Earth to heal by staying home, by not going out in your various modes of transportation that burn fossil fuel and causing pollution. You are already aware of this, as you have seen many photographs of the clearer skies on your planet, with much less pollution in them.Eat correctly for the optimum health not only of the planet, but for yourself also, for your physical well being. For the well-being of the planet eating your animal brothers and sisters is not a good course of action in any way. It is not kind to them, nor to the land they live upon when they are alive. For the food that is grown for them to eat to stay alive takes too many of the resources that could just as easily be used directly by you humans for your health. Also, the inhumane way that the animal kingdom is treated when they are killed for human consumption adds to the fear vibration that is held in your planet’s aura, which is unhealthy for the planet. And when you ingest their meat as food, then you are ingesting that energy vibration. Better to eat the plants that were put here with the specific purpose of serving humankind as food, medicine, shelter.


The lifeblood of your Earth needs to rid itself of the many poisons that have been dumped into the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams by you humans. You must stop this immediately! What you each individually can do towards this action is to think about how your lifestyle may be contributing to this merciless act. Are you only giving back to the Earth that which is good and healthy for Her? Or do you return your used water, other liquids, wastes etc. in ways that are detrimental to Her health? If each of you billions of humans living on the body of the earth would make a decision to practice reciprocity in a good way, the Earth would be healed immensely and quickly. Even if half of you would do so, your life on the planet will be able to continue for longer than it will be able to do so as of today.


So these are things you can make better choices about with regards to your actions on a daily basis, during the time when you are staying in your homes. Contemplate them very carefully, make wise decisions that are for the good of the Earth and your other fellow human beings, and then take right action.What can you do to help bring an end to the current CoVid-19 pandemic? You may think that you have little control over this, as the virus has spread all over the world and you are only a small grain of sand on the huge beach of life. We do say to you though that as God/Goddess/ All That Is Incarnate you CAN indeed make a difference! How? Focus you mind during your meditations, reflections and/or prayers and visualize the Earth completely healed of the scourge that you humans have inflicted upon Her, which has come back karmically to you in the form of the CoVid-19. When we say “visualize” you do not have to use only your Inner Eye for this. If it’s easier for you, use whichever mode of sensing is the easiest and most comfortable for you – seeing, hearing, feeling or knowing.  Have a daily discipline during which you take time for this activity. Do it each day without fail. The focus of hundreds, thousands, millions and billions of you humans WILL make a difference! You might witness what some will call a miracle, as the virus might suddenly just “disappear”. If this happens though, remember that you helped create it through the workings of Universal Law. There are no miracles, only Law.


One more thing that we’d like to say to all of you today is this: Be in your Loving Heart at all times. If you feel negative emotions of any kind during your day, stop for a moment, take a breath and make the effort to turn those around to positive ones. The virus is more attracted not only to bodies that are not healthy, but also to negative emotions. So keep your body healthy, especially your immune system. Keep it boosted to optimum working capacity. Also keep your emotional body positive. You will thus not attract the virus to you, or if you do, it will not gain a stronghold within your energy field and various  bodies.We will leave you for now. We do say to you: Thank you all for this undertaking that you have chosen to participate in. Through the darkness the Light is shining brightly as each of you shines your Light. So Be It. And It Is.


We will speak again with you at a later time. For now, Blessings to you all!

April 3, 2020

Messages from The Kumaras, through Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, April 6, 2020

Today, Mark Amaru Pinkham asked The Kumaras: Is the CoVid-19 pandemic assisting humanity to move into a new era of consciousness? And if so, how?

Greetings to all of You, Dear Ones! We are Kumara, that which You Be, which is Love! We are very pleased once again that the vehicle is allowing us to speak through her to you today.

Your question is one that is on the minds and in the hearts of many who are aware of their spiritual nature at this time. So many people are confused, wondering “WHY is this happening”. First, we say that it’s happening as part of the Divine Plan of Creation. That plan was laid out on the breath of the Oneness during its awakening from the slumber of Nothingness to the projection of movement and thus creation. So please understand that all is as it is meant to be.

And to answer the question that has been put forth to us by the Brother: Yes, this pandemic is assisting those who will take the opportunity to do so to take time that you would not normally stop your  busy daily routines to take to focus on your  spiritual practices. Once you do this, of course you will make progress. So your advancement towards the goal of At-One-Ment is speeding up.

Many people are aware of this being their goal in this lifetime. Many are not. However, if even for just for a few seconds daily, those who are not aware of their true inner nature take time to sit peacefully in the moment and feel less stressed and less afraid, they’re not only contributing towards their own energetic changes on many levels, but are also contributing towards the global healing and advancement.

Organized groups who gather to meditate and pray for healing for those who are (or will be) affected by the virus are to be commended for the effort and practice. This expands the energy field of those who are present and radiates out all around the Earth and into the Universe. Many Beings are watching this experiment that is taking place on your planet at this time. It’s the experiment of Humanity realizing it needs to change, and then consciously taking action to do so, that is to realize that you’re Spirit in Matter having a human experience. Once that is a realization and is there in your consciousness in each and every moment, with each and every breath that you take, then The Experiment is over. And the more who come to this realization – and many are doing so daily here now more than ever! – then a new era is definitely dawning. A higher level of consciousness is being reached by millions all over your world in each moment. So we ask you to do your part. Take time daily to go within and meditate on your Inner Self, your True Self. Call It forth and experience the Oneness that You Are.

Thank you all for this undertaking that you have chosen to participate in. Through the darkness the Light is shining brightly as each of you shines your Light. So Be It. And It Is.

We will speak again with you at a later time. For now, Blessings to you all!

Message from The Kumaras – April 3, 2020

Greetings to you all Dear Ones! We are Kumara, that which You Be, which is Love! We are very pleased that the vehicle is allowing us to speak through her to you today.

We understand that many of you are in a state of fear and panic regarding the pandemic that is sweeping throughout your planet. Fear not though, as all is as it should be, as it was designed from the first motion of consciousness seeking to know itself through the human experience.

In each and every moment be present, and remain calm at all times. A strong sense of self, love of self, and courage is what is the best for you to focus on at this time. Panic will stress your immune system and cause the virus to spread, both physically and energetically. That could also attract other energies which are not for your best and highest good to invade your energy field.

If you begin to feel the fear and panic rise, take a deep breath and remind yourself mentally, “I am One with All That Is. I am All That Is. I have the mental and emotional strength to overcome the fear that any situation induces. I am not that fear; I am not that feeling or emotion. I am Love, pure Unconditional Love.”  Focus on your Heart Center and feel the Love That You Are. Feel compassion for that part of yourself that is feeling the fear. Then flow the love and compassion out to all of humanity. The world needs that reminder and that energy. Spread it far and wide in each moment.

Thank you for recognizing Your True Self. We support you to continue to do so. We are always here for you, as we Are You!

We will speak again with you at a later time. For now, Blessings to you all!
The Kumaras, through Andrea Mikana-Pinkham



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