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The Order of the Seven Rays & Path of the Dragon Mystery School have existed since the dawn of humanity. Legend has it that they were founded by a Star Nation culture bearer known as Sanat Kumara or Karttikeya ("Son of the Pleiades") who arrived on Earth from the Seven Sisters, the celestial headquarters of the Order of the Seven Rays in our part of the galaxy,  with the secrets of human evolution. He taught developing humanity the alchemical practices through which a man or woman could achieve Godhood and realize their divinity. Through him they could achieve God-Realization, which is the final goal of human evolution.

Karttikeya established the Order of the Seven Rays and Path of the Dragon on the ancient Pacific Continent of MU as vehicles within which the mysteries he had brought to Earth could be taught. He then became Earth's first Dragon King to oversee the spiritual evolution of humanity. His courts and thrones continue to exist on both the physical plane and higher dimensions. Many are located in a 20 degree band that encircles the Earth and has 30 degrees North Latitude at its center. Two of his most important courts in this band are Mt. Kailash in Tibet and in  Sedona, Arizona, the Crown and Root Chakras of Earth. 

Eventually initiates of the Order of the Seven Rays known as enlightened Serpents and Dragons took the Seven Ray mysteries to other parts of the globe and subsequently founded a Worldwide Dragon Culture. One well-known initiate named Aramu or Amaru (the Serpent) Muru took the wisdom high into the Andes Mountains and founded the Monastery of the Seven Rays to preserve and disseminate it there. He later left the Monastery with the Solar Disc of MU and, as Manco Kapac, founded the Dragon Kingdom of the Incas.

Within the new Dragon Kingdoms worldwide the Star Missionary Karttikeya was remembered and venerated by the indigenous people as the World's Savior and founder of humanity's seminal mysteries. Among the Incas he became known as the Savior Viracocha. Within the Dragon Kingdoms of India he was remembered as Karttikeya/ Sanat Kumara, the founder of numerous Schools of Yoga . The Sumerians knew him as Enki, the Lord of the World and Teacher of the Secrets of Immortality, and the neighboring Jews knew him as King Melchizedek, the "King of Righteousness." The Egyptians and Greeks knew him as King Osiris and King Dionysus, both of whom were said to have encircled the Earth while disseminating the sacred rites. In the west the Hopis remember him as Masau'u, Lord of the World, and the Yezidis, who refer to themselves as the First People, daily pay homage to him as Tawsi Melek, the Peacock King and Peacock Angel. They claim to have been made first by Tawsi Melek in the Garden of Eden and are his special people.   

Much later in time, when patriarchal religion began to cover the planet and abolish the ancient mysteries, the Order of the Seven Rays and Path of the Dragon became circumspect. In many parts of the Earth Karttikeya's mysteries continued to be taught in secret or on space-time dimensions not accessible to the majority of humans. Within the last century these mysteries re-emerged as the Path of the Dragon and the Siddha Marga. The Order of the Seven Rays has also re-emerged both under its original moniker as well as The Great White Brotherhood.

The mysteries of the Order of the Seven Rays and Path of the Dragon are needed now as many seekers on Earth are being offered the opportunity to learn many of the lost teachings and alchemically rise to a new level of expanded spiritual awareness. The revival of the rainbow symbol of the Seven Rays is also important now. It represents all races and countries will need to reunite into a one-world humanity in the near future. This is predicted to occur  during the coming 5th World. 

The teachings of the Order of the Seven Rays and Path of the Dragon are arising in pockets of consciousness which have in the past been home to the courts and schools of Sanat Kumara/Karttikeya, such as Sedona, Arizona, India, Sri Lanka, Giza, Egypt, the Andes of Peru and the Island of Kauai. They will then gradually move around the planet. 

In their modern form the Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays and the Path of the Dragon Mystery School offer multiple curriculums and branches,. Both male and female genders can choose to become a student of the Seven Ray-Dragon Master Training and pursue the goal of Dragon Mastery. Those that complete the Seven Ray-Dragon Master Training are also entitled to become Lord and Lady Knights of the Dragon Ways.

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