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Welcome to the Path of the Dragon Mystery School
You have been guided here because you are a Dragon-in-Training and possess
many of the following characteristics:
1. You have an insatiable desire to know the Secret Mysteries of 
history, human existence and the universe.
2.  You seek to work with, direct, build up, & master Dragon Force
or universal energy.
3. You seek to evolve yourself and your consciousness to the highest 
possible level.
4. You have a consuming interest in Alchemy, Yoga and Kundalini Activation.
5. You seek out high-powered temples, vortexes, pyramids & Spiritual Masters.
6. You are secretive and intense by nature and you desire
intense and life-transforming experiences.
8. You have natural ability as a healer. 
9. You are attracted to dragons and Dragon Magic.
10. You have an interest in Knights and the Holy Grail Tradition
11. You yearn for initiation into the secret and ancient Orders. 
12. You seek to become a guardian and teacher of the mysteries
13. In the past you have desired initiation into the Great White Brotherhood.

If you resonate with many of these desires, abilities and characteristics
You Have Come Home.




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The Path of the Dragon Mystery School was created to guard and teach the Dragon Mysteries brought to Earth from the Pleiades by Sanat Kumara or Karttikeya, "Son of the Pleiades." This cosmic Dragon Master was also known by the Sumerians as Lord Enki and by the Yezidis as the Peacock Angel and Peacock King.


You have been exposed to these teachings over many lifetimes. And now, as we approach the return of the Star Beings who originally disseminated these teachings, you are renewing your membership in this most ancient of Mystery  Schools.

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The teachings of the Path of the Dragon Mystery School will illuminate all the world's Secret Mysteries while taking you inside yourself to find your inner light. The goal of the Path of the Dragon teachings and practices is to awaken within you Self-Knowledge and God-Realization. This is the goal of a human body. To realize that God exists within you as you.  

Dragon Castle.jpg

The Path of the Dragon Mystery School has three levels of training.
They lead to the accolades of:
Dragon Adept, Dragon Priest or Priestess, and Dragon Master


Are You Ready?

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