with Mark Amaru Pinkham

For Beginning and Advanced students 

6 week class beginning Thursday, October 1, 2020!


All classes will be recorded

in case you are not able to attend the live class


*Erection and interpretation of a Western Astrology Natal Chart

*Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects according to Spiritual Astrology 

*How to interpret a Person's Life Lessons

*How to interpret a Person's Past lives

*How to determine a Person's Ray

Tuition: $225.00 

Special Pandemic Price:  Receive a 15% Discount!
Use this Code: PEG5VZVU


To register: 

The last day to register is Thursday, September 24, 2020


Mark Amaru Pinkham is a professional Vedic (Hindu), Western, 
and Seven Ray Astrologer with over 40 years experience. 
All his readings provide a profoundly deep and spiritual interpretation 
of the planetary influences operating in your life. 
Readings are approximately 80 minutes in length. 

They are recorded on CD and mailed to you.

You also receive a printed transcript of the reading

and copies of both your Western and Vedic Charts. 

Mark offers the following types of Astrology Readings.

1) Seven Ray Gnostic Astrology Readings 

They incorporate both Western and Vedic Astrology to reveal

general planetary influences throughout your life.

They include your Birth Ray, as well as:

Your Ray Lords and Ladies that assist you throughout life 

Your Ray Cycles -When they begin and end.

(You will move through cycles governed by each of the 7 Rays)

What Ray Cycle you are in now.

The gems, mantras, and Ray Lords and Ladies that assist you

in aligning with your Birth Ray and the Ray Cycle you are currently in

2) Western Gnostic Astrology Readings
Natal Readings – Planetary influences throughout your life.
Transits and Progressions – Specific planetary influences occurring now.
Relationship Readings – Chart comparisons between two people.

2) Vedic Gnostic Astrology Readings
Natal Readings – Planetary influences and Dasas (Cycles) throughout your life.


 Description of Your Astrology Reading
Readings are approximately 80 minutes in length and are recorded on CD.
You will receive a copy of your chart and a CD with your recorded reading,
which will be mailed to you. Or, to receive it sooner it can be sent to you electronically (emailed)
It can take from one week to a month for you to receive your reading in the mail.


Ordering Your Astrology Reading
Provide your name, address and a phone number or email address. 
When ordering please state the type of reading you want Mark to prepare for you. 
IMPORTANT! Please include your birth date 
Written as: name of the month - do not use numerals, write out the name -

day of birth, year of birth.
Example: March 23, 1952

Also provide your birth time and birth place.
Note: If you do not have an exact birth time, please let Mark know this.


Purchasing Your Astrology Reading

The readings can be purchased at their normal prices by clicking the blue boxes on the left side of the screen. If your income has ended or decreased to less than half of your normal amount during the CoVid-19 pandemic that we are currently experiencing, I'm offering my readings at the "CoVid Hardship" pricing. Please be karmically responsible when choosing which price you can afford. Thank you! The yellow CoVid Hardship buttons are on the right side of your screen. 

Seven Ray Astrology Reading

$225.00 via check or money order. $237.00 via PayPal

CoVid Hardship Price

$190.00 via check or money order. $199.00 via PayPal



Western Natal Reading
$195.00 via check or money order. $205.00 via PayPal

CoVid Hardship Price

$165.00 via check or money order. $175.00 via PayPal




Western Transits and Progressions

$195.00 via check or money order. $205.00 via PayPal

CoVid Hardship Price
$165.00 via check or money order. $175.00 - via PayPal





Western Relationship Reading

$195.00 via check or money order. $205.00 via PayPal

CoVid Hardship Price
$165.00 via check or money order. $175.00 - via PayPal





Vedic Natal Reading

$195.00 via check or money order. $205.00 via PayPal

CoVid Hardship Price
$165.00 via check or money order. $175.00 - via PayPal






To Pay by Check or Money Order 

US Residents
NOTE: Please make check or money order payable to "Heartlight Fellowship"
Checks not made out in this name will not be accepted by our bank &

will be returned to you to replace.
Mail to:
Heartlight Fellowship
P.O. Box 3591
Sedona, AZ 86340

Orders from outside the US: 
We can accept personal checks or bank cashier’s checks only. (Sorry, no money orders).
Checks must be drawn in US Dollars and on a bank that has an affiliate bank in the US, 
and the name of the affiliate bank must appear on the check.

NOTE: Please make check payable to “Heartlight Fellowship”
Mail to:
Heartlight Fellowship
P.O. Box 3591
Sedona, AZ  USA 86340



For additional information contact Mark Amaru Pinkham at
or call 888 501-3853 (Toll Free in the US) or 928 284-1429 



A Word from Some of Mark's Clients:
I found both the Vedic & Western astrology readings that you recently provided to be very valuable in helping me to better understand myself. While we have never met, it sounded like I was hearing from someone who had known me for years. You clearly bring great personal insight and do a wonderful job of personalizing the readings. I know I will listen to them over and over again to glean even more insights. P. Duke 

The most beneficial aspect of the astrology reading that I received from you is the verification of my spiritual path and the nature of my character, which I had only surmised or had indications of from other sources from my spiritual studies. K. Dunstan

Mark's ability to both analyze and intuit the Vedic and Western astrological influences/charts has greatly supported my spiritual growth and understanding.  His consultations over the last 12 years are valued for seeing not only current and potential future influences, but are uncanny in looking at past actions and reactions.  His readings have been supportive through some highly confusing and transformative moments in my life. I highly recommend Mark as an astrological intuitive who will give you a refreshing life perspective, as well as offer you continued support for your life's journey. B. Garrick

Mark is a gifted astrologer.   He has been doing my charts for almost 8 years and I find his readings to be the most thorough, precise and yet easy to understand that I've ever had. I particularly like how he ties the Western and Vedic charts together to give a comprehensive evaluation of what lies ahead.   Mark also gives good, practical advice on burning questions and/or issues that I need answers to.  I highly recommend him. M. Beery

Mark, I absolutely loved the reading you gave me and I have listened to it several times. Each time I get something new out of it.  As you barely know me, I was amazed at how you described my personality and characteristics so perfectly. I was "ah-struck" by the clarity and wisdom you shared for my past and future potential in this life. My brother, I have no doubt that you are tapping into a higher consciousness to do this work. Thanks again! W. Brown 

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