The Seven Rays of Healing Seminar

September 25-27, 2019

Sedona, Arizona

Wednesday, September 25: 4pm - 6pm

Thursday, September 26: 9am - 5pm

Friday, September 27: 9am - 5pm 

Learn the Complete Seven Ray System of Natural Healing

and receive a Certificate to Practice

The Seminar will be divided into the following parts: 

Part 1

The History and Theory of Seven Ray Healing 

Seven Ray Healing in Lemuria, India, Peru, Egypt, etc.


Part 2

The Ancient Philosophy of the Seven Rays

The Lords of the Seven Rays, etc.

How to determine a person’s Ray


Part 3

The Rays: their characteristics, diagnosis, and treatment

Treating Ray disharmonies with gems, herbs, yoga, color and sound


Part 4

The Inner Organs: Their Esoteric and Exoteric properties

Chi, Jing, and Shen: the Three Treasures

Working alchemically with the Rays and Organs

Part 5

Chinese 8 Principles diagnosis

Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis

Palpation diagnosis

Pendulum diagnosis

Part 6

Synthesizing diagnostic information

Making a treatment plan

Creating a Seven Ray Temple for rapid healing

Synthesizing Color, Sound and Crystal modalities

Part 7

The meridians, chakras, and acupressure points of the body

Acupressure to treat physical, emotional, and mental illness

Ancient Taoist Windows to the Sky Acupressure

Acupressure for activating and releasing Kundalini energy


Part 8

Theory and history of Cosmic Fire Reiki

The hand positions of Cosmic Fire Reiki

Using the sacred three-fold mantra while administering Cosmic Fire Reiki

Using the yantra, or geometrical form body, of the Cosmic Fire mantra

Part 9

Putting it all together:

Giving a general balancing session

Part 10

Giving a session directed specifically to one organ, Ray, or part of the body

Course Review 

Space for this class is limited to 6 students










Mark Amaru Pinkham is the Director of the Order of the Seven Rays, the Path of the Dragon Mystery School, and the creator of the Seven Rays of Healing System. He is the author of 8 books that cover the Mysteries of the Earth and Humanity. Mark has been involved with the practice of natural healing for 30 years and in the past has been a professional Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, and Herbalist. 


Cost of the Seminar: $333.00

$299.00 for Seven Ray Members

As soon as you register you will receive directions to the venue, what to bring, a schedule of the Seminar presentations, and a list of local hotels

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