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The Lord and Lady Knights of the Dragon Ways are the guides for those students on the Path of the Dragon. They have completed Levels 1-3 of the Seven Ray-Dragon Master Training and now live and teach others the Path of the Dragon that was originally brought to Earth by the Pleiadian Dragon Master and Siddha, Karttikeya or Sanat Kumara and is now currently taught by contemporary Dragon Masters and Siddhas, the "Perfected Masters."


Those students who have completed the Seven Ray-Dragon Master Training and desire to become a Lord or Lady o the Dragon Ways should email Mark Amaru at
Mark Amaru Pinkham The Director and principal teacher of the Knights of Tawsi Melek. Mark is the former Knight Templar Grand Prior of The International Order of Gnostic Templars. Mark is the author of eight published books on the secret mysteries, including: An Initiates Guide to the Path of the Dragon and Guardians of the Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John the Baptist and the Water of Life.  Mark currently resides in the "Dragon City" of Sedona, Arizona, where he offers regular classes in Seven Ray-Dragon Master Training.  Mark also teaches the Path of the Dragon during spiritual tours to Earth's sacred places that he leads for Sacred Sites Journeys:

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