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Become a Member of the Kumara Order of the Seven Rays
(aka Great White Brotherhood)
and the 144,000 Warriors of Sanat Kumara (Kalki Avatar)

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To be a member of the Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays you must be ready to complete your spiritual evolution and achieve God-Realization while at the same time working towards abolishing all of the barriers - including race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and social class - that keep the people of Earth from becoming and living as ONE PEOPLE. The Order of the Seven Rays was founded by the Pleiadian Avatars Sananda and Sanat Kumara (aka TAWSI MELEK, THE PEACOCK ANGEL and Karttikeya, meaning "Son of the Pleiades") who first arrived from the Celestial Seat of the Seven Rays, the Pleiades, during a very ancient epoch in the world's evolution. Since its inception the symbol of the Order of the Seven Rays has been the 7 Rays united as a rainbow symbolizing the Seven Stars of the Pleiades, the Seven Kumaras and the Seven Rays. We are now approaching a new period on Earth, known as the 5th World, Age of Aquarius, and Satya Yuga, that is prophesied to be a return to the consciousness of ONENESS and UNITY of all Earth's people, as well as the restoration of Dharma (Righteousness) worldwide. When you take the oath of the Order of the Seven Rays you will have the opportunity to chose as your Satguru ("True Guru") Sanat Kumara. You will vow to work towards eliminating the walls that separate the world's population, returning righteousness to the Earth, and assisting in the reunion of all people. Are you ready to make this commitment? If you are, then please read on....


​As a member of the Order of the Seven Rays you become a student of a mystery school that - in the tradition of the mystery schools of the past - provides a complete curriculum of esoteric subjects and gnostic-alchemical practices called the Seven Ray-Dragon Master Training. These practices, which are also called the Siddha Marga, the "Path to Perfection," and the Path of the Dragon, were first taught by the Pleiadian founders of the Order of the Seven Rays on ancient Lemuria and designed to open up all seekers to both the mysteries of the universe and one's Self. They will lead a seeker to the highest Self Knowledge - which is the direct intuitive revelation that God, the Infinite Spirit that created the entire universe, exists within you as you. The Pleiadian Star Missionaries founded the Order of the Seven Rays so all humans would have the opportunity to realize their divinity and live as Gods and Goddesses on our planet.  

Once you become a member of the Order of the Seven Rays you are given the rank of Spiritual Warrior Level 1. Then there are a couple study options. You can advance through the SEVEN RAY - DRAGON MASTER TRAINING and follow the curriculum listed on its page. This will take you through Spiritual Warrior Levels 1, 2 & 3 that correspond to the rank of Dragon Adept, Dragon Priest(ess) and Seven Ray Dragon Master. At the end of the training you can also receive ordination to serve as a teacher of the Order of the Seven Rays once you take the Teacher's Training Course. 

We have made videos and published books containing all the subjects offered in the Seven Ray-Dragon Master  Training so it is not necessary to come to our headquarters in Sedona, Arizona for special classes or training. We will, however, also have occasional classes and retreats in Sedona.

The Order of the Seven Rays is currently serving as a vehicle for the mobilization of the 144,000 assistants of Sanat Kumara-Tawsi Melek that are prophesied to take a physical incarnation at this time in order to save the Earth and work towards ushering in the new "golden" cycles of time known as the 5th World, the Satya Yuga and the Age of Aquarius. Leading up to the dawn of the Age of Pisces two thousand years ago, Sanat and Sananda Kumara incarnated as John the Baptist and Jesus to help save Earth and humanity. Now, at this time, Sanat Kumara-Tawsi Melek has incarnated as the 10th Avatar of Vishnu, known as the Kalki Avatar, who will soon leave his home in Shambhala and, with the help of assistants, cleanse the Earth of violence, power and greed and restore Dharma (righteousness).  

NOW, IF YOU ARE READY TO BECOME A MEMBER, there are three videos you are required to watch which gives the history of the Order of the Seven Rays and culminates in two initiations - one into the Order of the Seven Rays and one that will make you a member of the 144,000 Warriors of Sanat Kumara. Once you have complete the initiation you will learn your Ray, and receive a Certificate of Membership and a 7 Ray Belt to wear in ceremony. The initiation fee is $39.95. So...if you are truly ready to make the leap into a new life as a member of the Order of the Seven Rays, please click the button below. 


For all Yezidis: Your charge to become a Member of the Order of the Seven Rays is only $10.00, which will cover the cost of your rainbow belt. 

copyright  © 2019 Mark Amaru Pinkham  






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