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To be a member of the Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays you must be ready to work towards the abolishment of all barriers - including race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and social class - that keep the people of Earth from becoming and living as ONE PEOPLE. The Order of the Seven Rays was founded by the Star Missionaries Sananda and Sanat Kumara (aka THE PEACOCK ANGEL and Karttikeya, "Son of the Pleiades") during a very ancient epoch in the world's evolution when all people WERE ONE. Since its inception the symbol of the Order of the Seven Rays has been the 7 Rays united as a rainbow, with each ray representing one seventh of the human population on Earth. We are now reaching a new period on Earth that is prophesied to be a return the consciousness of ONENESS,  and this will correspond to the Return of the Star People and the prophesied Return of King Sanat Kumara/ Peacock Angel. When you take the oath of Order of the Seven Rays you vow to work towards eliminating the walls that separate the world's population and assisting in the reunion of all people on Earth. Are you ready to make this commitment? If you are, then please read on....


​As a member of the Order of the Seven Rays you become a student of a mystery school that - in the tradition of the mystery schools of the past - provides a complete curriculum of esoteric subjects and gnostic-alchemical practices that was first compiled on ancient Lemuria and designed to open you up to both the mysteries of the universe and yourself. It will lead you to the highest Self Knowledge - which is the direct intuitive revelation that God -the Infinite Spirit that created the entire universe -  exists within you as you. The Kumara Star Missionaries founded the Order of the Seven Rays so  all humans would have the opportunity to realize their divinity and live as Gods and Goddesses on our planet.  

Once you become a member of the Order of the Seven Rays you are given the rank of Spiritual Warrior Level 1. Then there are a couple study options. You can advance through the SEVEN RAY - DRAGON MASTER TRAINING and follow the curriculum listed on its page. This will take you through Spiritual Warrior Levels 1, 2 & 3. Once you have completed the Seven Ray - Dragon Master Training you receive the rank of Seven Ray Dragon Master and the authorization to serve as a teacher of the Order of the Seven Rays once you take the Teacher's Training Course. You are then also entitled to receive knighthood as a Lord or Lady KNIGHT OF THE DRAGON WAYS.  

We have made videos and published books containing all the subjects offered in the Seven Ray-Dragon Master  Training so it is not necessary to come to our headquarters in Sedona, Arizona for special classes or training. We will, however, also have occasional classes and retreats in Sedona.

NOW, IF YOU ARE READY TO BECOME A MEMBER, you can attend an onsite initiation in Sedona (see below) or there are two videos you are required to watch which gives the history of the Order of the Seven Rays and culminates in an initiation that includes the making of vows to assist in the reunion of all Earth's people. Once you have complete the initiation you will receive a Certificate of Membership and a 7 Ray Belt to wear in ceremony. As a member you will receive a 15% discount on all our Seven Ray classes  The initiation fee is $39.95. So...if you are truly ready to make the leap into a new life as a member of the Order of the Seven Rays, please click the button below. 

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