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According to the legends of the Hopis, in very ancient times the Kachina Star People built a glorious temple city  that they lived in. During their migrations many of the Hopi Clans visited this city and were taught the mysteries of the universe by the resident Kachinas. This city, known as Palatkwapi, the "Red House," was later completely covered with water and its red rock temples and statues became eroded and dis-figured.
Today, the city of Sedona sits upon and within the remaining
red rock temples & formations of Palatkwapi.

 The City of the Star People Tour 

Sedona's Most Metaphysical Tour

Pyramid Rock

The Throne of Ganesh
The Sphinx and Honey Bear
The Great Dragon of Sedona
Entrance to the Court of Masau'u

Bell Rock-Crown Chakra: ELM Gyser
Madonna Rock: Center of Pentagram

Cathedral Rock: Pleiadian Contact Zone
Ley Line Grid & Seven Chakras of Sedona

and much, much more...

Alchemical Meditation at:

Amitabha Stupa Vortex
Holy Cross Chapel Vortex
Pentagram & Hexagram Star Temples

An autographed copy of
Sedona: City of the Star People

During your private tour of Sedona your guide, author Mark Amaru Pinkham, will point out many of the remaining landmarks of Palatkwapi while presenting the complete legend and mysteries of the temple city and their Star People builders. He will also share his inter-dimensional experiences over the past 30 years as Palatkwapi has been revealed to him. Most recently Mark was guided to discover the Court of the King of the World, who is known by the Hopis as Kachina Masau'u and by other cultures as Sanat Kumara, Enki, Amitabha, and the Peacock Angel. This dramatic discovery coincided with learning the Hopi Prophecies regarding the Return of Masau'u and the Star People. All this will be shared during the tour and  is contained in his popular book:
Sedona: City of the Star People 

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There is 1 tour on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

Start time: 9am  Tour length: 4 hours

We will meet at the Merlin statue next to Whole Foods Market

1420 W State Rte 89A, Sedona










Because of the recent resurgence of Covid-19 and its variants, n95 or kn95 face masks will be required during the tour. One mask per person is included in the cost of the tour.


 Pay by Check, Zelle, or Paypal:

One person: $199.00

Two or more persons: $164.00 per person

​Make check payable to Heartlight Fellowship

mail to:

Heartlight Fellowship

P.O. Box 3591

Sedona, AZ 86340

Please Email or Call to schedule a tour with Mark Amaru Pinkham before paying.





Reviews of City of the Star People Tours:


"The City of the Star People Tour was exceptional especially the visits to the vortexes with personal experience with the vortex energy occurred. Mark Amaru Pinkham prepared us for the visits by informing us of the particular vortex site and its meaning. His knowledge and personal history with Sedona and its energies and their significance are unique. To be in direct contact with an author who educates us along with guiding the actual tour exceeds our expectations. His research and publications about worldwide metaphysical locations (Peru, Egypt, and more) enable him to put each person in touch with the energies."   WTK

"My experience on the ‘Sedona, City of the Star People Tours’ was superb. I not only saw some of the usual tourist sites, but several that were certainly off the beaten track. Mark took the time to point out the most significant historical details and explained their context and meaning. Mark was enormously knowledgeable, and did a wonderful job of sharing his knowledge." DB

"This tour with Mark Pinkham was exciting, uplifting, and informative. As the author of Sedona City of the Star People he was able we to show us remnants of ancient civilizations and brought his book to life with an exciting experience for my entire family. Can't recommend this tour with Mark highly enough!"   JBethsrain

"This tour given by Mark Amaru Pinkham is one of a kind! Mark's knowledge and 'connection' to Sedona is extraordinary. Both my husband and I were engulfed in a world of mysticism, sacredness and enlightenment. I am very aware and connected to the other realms, and Mark assisted in connecting even more dots while sharing its relevancy in 3D. I highly recommend this tour to anyone seeking greater understanding and knowledge of Sedona and more! Namaste"   lBJ

"Mark's extensive wisdom of the hidden mysteries of Sedona through time and dimensions is exquisite. Even though I have been to Sedona several times, he helped me experience the red rocks in a whole new light. Best tour in Sedona for connecting to star beings on Earth!"     RBogale

"Coming to Sedona was exciting and magical I can't believe there is an ancient city built by the star people in Arizona USA I was very lucky to have Mark Amaru Pinkham (the author of the principal book of the ETCity) be my guide! What a blessing..will recommend him..his expertise and knowledge is unsurpassed!"    Micho O.

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City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg
City of Star People website.jpg