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One of the oldest natural healing systems in the world!

Mark Amaru Pinkham, Founder/ Director / Lead Teacher
Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, Teacher/ Meditation Facilitator


The Seven Rays of Healing System is one of the oldest natural healing systems in the world. It  was first taught on the legendary Pacific continent of Lemuria by the Lord of the Seven Rays, Sanat Kumara or Karttikeya, "Son of the Pleiades." Eventually, it became one of the prescribed healing systems of the Order of the Seven Rays - which later became better known as the Great White Brotherhood. 

After the destruction of Lemuria, The Seven Rays of Healing System was taken to various pan-Pacific countries. In India, the system blossomed into Siddha Medicine and Yoga; in China, it became the foundation of Taoist Healing and its modalities of Acupuncture and Herbs; and in Peru, it evolved into Incan and Andean Shamanic Healing. It was also taken to Tibet and Japan, where it engendered the Way of the Fire Dragon and Reiki Healing.  

Thirty years ago Mark Amaru Pinkham, the modern founder of The Seven Rays of Healing System, felt the call to revive many aspects of ancient Lemurian culture, including its natural healing system. He traveled to India, China, Tibet and Peru and studied aspects of Seven Ray Healing in those countries before re-synthesizing and reviving the ancient Lemurian system into its current form of The Seven Ray Healing System.


The Seven Rays of Healing System incorporates many therapeutic modalities from the pan-Pacific countries that Lemurian healing was taken to, including: color and sound therapy, acupressure, crystal & gem therapy, herbology, mantra chanting, Cosmic Fire Reiki, spiritual counseling, and various forms of Yoga.    

Seven Ray Healing is a complete system of natural healing that can be used alone or in conjunction with other natural modalities, such as massage. It is a great adjunct to anyone's natural healing practice. 


The Theory of Seven Ray Healing maintains that all life is governed by the Seven Rays. Every life form, be it animal, plant, mineral, or human, is aligned with one or two of the Seven Rays. Dis-ease results when a life form changes its frequency to one not in alignment with their native Ray.   

A person’s Ray or Rays can easily be determined through their astrology chart (a knowledge of astrology is not required). Once a person's Ray is determined, a treatment plan needed to realign them with their Ray is easily constructed.

Since each individual body organ is also aligned with one of two of the Rays, disease symptoms can be alleviated by realigning that organ with its appropriate Ray.











When Lemuria sank into the Pacific Ocean Seven Ray Healing was taken to China, India and Peru where it thrived as Chinese Medicine, Siddha Medicine, and Andean Shamanism. Now its three parts have been reunited as The Seven Rays of Healing System.  


The premise of Seven Ray Healing is extremely simple. All people and all inner organs vibrate to one of the Seven Rays. Dis-ease results when a person and/or an inner organ loses alignment with its Ray, and health is re-established when they are re-aligned with their proper Ray.


Learn one of the easiest and most complete diagnostic and natural healing treatment approaches ever taught. The Seven Rays of Healing System can be used by itself for excellent results, and it makes the perfect adjunct to a natural healing practice of massage, Reiki, counseling, energy healing, etc.  


The Author

Mark Amaru Pinkham  Founder/Director of The Seven Rays of Healing System

Mark Amaru Pinkham has been involved in the study and practice of natural healing for over 40 years. He studied elements of Ayurveda Hindu Medicine for seven years in his 20's. In his 30's he studied Massage Therapy and worked as a massage therapist in Sanat Fe, NM while attending acupuncture school and apprenticing a Chinese doctor from Chengdu, China. Afterwards, Mark studied at Hei Long Jiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Harbin, China, He then went on to work as a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in both Arizona and Washington.

In the 1990's, after apprenticing in Peru with an Andean Shaman of the Inca and Mochica Spiritual Traditions for over three years, Mark realized that his diverse training had prepared him for an important part of his life's work, that of reuniting Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Peruvian Shamanism. He then founded the Seven Rays of Healing System, one that he believes was once taught on Lemuria before was taken to China, Peru and India, where it merged with the indigenous healing traditions.

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