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The Imperial Order Dragons of Palatkwapi was founded thousands of years ago when the primal Dragon King of the World arrived from the Pleiades and united his spirit with our planet and became the Planetary Logos, the "Mind and Will" of Earth, aka the King of the World. Our planet then became his physical form and his chakras became the chakras of Earth. He and his entourage of Star Missionaries then chose the power center of the Earth - the planetary Root Chakra  - to be the seat of the new monarch's principal throne and court. It became the Imperial City of the King of the World and known as Palatkwapi, the "Red House." Since that time it has been the headquarters of the Imperial Order of the Dragons of Palatkwapi. 

The King of the World was known by all the ancient civilizations, albeit by a variety of indigenous names. He has been known as the Peacock Angel by the Yezidis, Sanat Kumara by the Hindus, Enki by the Sumerians, Osiris by the Egyptians, Dionysus by the Greeks, Melchizedek by the Jews and as Masau'u by the Hopis.

The Star Missionaries made Palatkwapi into Earth's pre-eminent Alchemical City. The created numerous alchemical temples and strategically placed every rod formation at the corners of one of their numerous alchemical grids set up around the city. To those who visited Palatkwapi from all over the Americas they taught the Path of the Dragon through which humans could awaken their inner alchemical Dragon Force, the Kundalini, and evolve their Dragon Abilities and Dragon Wisdom. Ultimately they would acquire the Self-Knowledge of I AM GOD and complete their human evolution on Earth.

According to Hopi legend, the King of the World Masau'u (aka Eototo) and his "First Lieutenant," Aholi,  taught the Path of the Dragon in Palatkwapi. Also known as the Path of Quetzlcoatl, the "Plumed Serpent" (or feathered Dragon), through this path matter (the snake) would acquire feathers and fly, and a human would ascend his or her consciousness and become one with the Star People.

The Path of the Dragon was taught in Palatkwapi up to the time of the European invasion of the Americas. Now, as Earth moves into the prophesied 5th World - when the King of the World is predicted to "Return" (return to mass consciousness) - both the Path of the Dragon and The Imperial Order of the Dragons are being revived. 

             When you become a Member of The Imperial Order of the Dragons of Palatkwapi:
               *You make a special connection to Palatkwapi-Sedona and the Dragon King of the World
               *You become a "resident" of the Imperial City and a brother or sister
                to the other Dragons of Palatkwapi
              *You become a Member of the Path of the Dragon Mystery School 
              *You receive a monthly E-Newsletter
              *You receive a Certificate of Membership

                         Become a member of The Imperial Order of the Dragons of Palatkwapi
                                                                     for the nominal fee of

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