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The inner circle of the Knights Templar were alchemists and mystics. They inherited the Gnostic Johannite Path from a long lineage of "John" Grandmasters that extended back to John the Baptist and before him, the Mandaeans. The Gnostic Mandeaens originated on the Island of Sri Lanka when it was part of the Pacific Continent of MU or Lemuria and served as the location for the Garden of Eden. The Mandaeans were initiates of the Nass, or "Serpent", tradition that began with the first "Instructor" of the Gnostics, the Serpent on the Tree. Today we know the first Serpent Instructor as the Jnana Pandita, the First Teacher of Gnosis. He is also known as Karttikeya, Sanat Kumara, Skanda and the Lord of the Seven Rays.

The Holy Grail Mysteries (aka the Gnostic-Alchemical Mysteries) that began on Sri Lanka were taken west by the Mandaeans who eventually united with the Jewish Essenes to form the sect of the Nasoraens or Nazarenes. John the Baptist, as well as Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and John the Apostle, were all born within this sect. John the Baptist - John I -  passed the most ancient Holy Grail Mysteries to his disciple Jeshua ben Joseph - John II - who then passed them to Mary Magdalene and John the Apostle - John III - and then they were passed down a lineage of "Johns' until the first Crusade. At that time the French knight Hughes de Payen became both the encumbent Johannite Grandmaster as well as the first Grandmaster of the Knights Templar.

Along with many mysteries learned from the Sufis, including the wisdom surrounding Baphomet (a form of the Holy Grail Power), the Gnostic-Alchemical Mysteries of the Johannites formed the basis of the Holy Grail Church when the Knights Templar returned to Europe from the Middle East. It was these mysteries that were witnessed by spies for King Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V and eventually got many Templars persecuted and murdered by the Catholic Inquisition.

​​Many Templars escaped the carnage and traveled to other parts of Europe, such as Scotland, where their Johannite Holy Grail Mysteries survived. These mysteries are currently in the possession of a few modern Templars. They are also hidden as scrolls in vaults under Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, and as molded images and symbols upon its inner and outer walls. 




​Grand Priors Sir Mark Amaru Pinkham & Sir Ian Sinclair 

Sir Mark Amaru Pinkham received the accolade of Knight Templar Grand Prior from Grand Prior Sir Ian Sinclair in 2004 at Noss Head Scotland. Sir Mark is currently passing on the Secret Mysteries of the Knights Templar through his writings, which include: The Gnostic Templar E-Course and his books, Guardians of the Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John the Baptist and the Water of Life and World Gnosis: The Coming Gnostic Civilization









An 18 Lesson Course covering: 
   The Holy Grail Mysteries

        The Templar Heresy

The Priory of Sion

    The Gnostic Johannites

The Gnostic Mandaeans

The Sufis and their Alchemy
Rosslyn Chapel & Clan Sinclair
   Gnostic Philosophy and Practices

The Mystery of the Black Madonnas

Alchemical-Gnostic Templar Practices

 The Freemasons, Assassins, Illuminati, & Rosicrucians


Purchase online $19.95

​​​Guardians of the Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John the Baptist and the Water of Life

For nearly one thousand years the Knights Templar have rightly been regarded the eternal guardians of the Holy Grail, but what the Holy Grail actually is has never been accurately revealed – until now. Guardians of the Holy Grail proves that the Holy Grail existed many thousands of years before Christ, and that it is as old as the Garden of Eden itself.

During their one hundred years in the Middle East, the Templars received the Holy Grail from a lineage of Holy Grail Guardians that had existed for many thousands of years previously. This ancient Grail lineage, which included John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, and Mary Magdalene and John the Apostle, had originated on Sri Lanka, the island paradise recognized within the Arab world as the true location of the fabled Garden of Eden.

Topics in this book include:

· The Ancient Lineage of the Holy Grail Masters
· The Garden of Eden, origin of the Holy Grail Mysteries
· John the Baptist and the Mandeans from Sri Lanka
· The Mystery of Baphomet, the Templar “demon”
· The Gnostic & Tantric rites of the Knights Templar

· Alchemy & the Mystery of the Black Madonna

· Rosslyn Chapel and the Sinclairs of Scotland

· The Secrets of the Freemasons and Johannites

· The Knights Templar Today

Purchase your signed copy online 

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For Residents of Other Countries

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For USA Residents: $21.95

For Residents of other countries: $55.95


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World Gnosis: The Coming Gnostic Civilization


Mark Amaru Pinkham presents the amazing history and teachings of the Left Hand Path —aka the Gnostic-Alchemical Path - which includes the world’s gnostics, alchemists, secret societies, and mystery school initiates. Mark begins with the Garden of Eden and the Gnostics’ First Instructor, the Serpent on the Tree, and then traces the Left Hand Path down through the Sons and Daughters of Seth to the Essenes, Sufis, Knights Templar, Cathars, Freemasons and the Illuminati, as plans for the creation of a One-World Gnostic Civilization gradually unfold. The final piece of the plan is destined to soon fall into place, when the Right and Left Hand Paths come to a peaceful resolution of their ancient battle and work together to create a gnostic civilization that is the union of both paths. The culmination of human civilization will then have arrived, and all institutions and levels of society will encourage people throughout the Earth to complete their spiritual evolution by achieving the goal of the gnostic mandate “Know Thyself.” 

Subjects include: The Origin of the Gnostic Path; the Goddess Sophia; Lemuria; The First Instructor; Enki; Skanda-Murugan; Thoth-Hermes; the Peacock Angel; Quetzalcoatl; Neptune-Volcan; The Sons and Daughters of Seth, of Enki, of Thoth-Hermes, of Quetzalcoatl, of Shiva, of Dionysus; Alexandrian Gnostic Sects; The Daughters and Sons of Sophia; The Goddess Takes Us to Gnosis; The Johannites; The Gnostic Knights Templar; The Sub-Rosa Gnostics; The Gnostic Conspiracy; The Gnostic Civilization of Lemuria, of Shambhala, of Tibet, of Peru, of Egypt, of the Druids, of the Yezidi, of the Mandaeans, of Manichaeism, of the Cathars; The Coming Gnostic Civilization; The Complete Theory and History of Alchemy; Safe and Easy Alchemical Practices; Living Gnosis; more.




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