Seven Ray- Dragon Master Training 


The Seven Ray-Dragon Master Training is for those members of the Seven Ray Order and students of the Path of the Dragon who are ready to progress spiritually through following a comprehensive and well-rounded esoteric curriculum. Through its study, the Seven Ray-Dragon Master curriculum will assist a person in learning the esoteric secrets of the cosmos while completing their evolution as a human being. It is designed the help provide each person with the tools they need to meet the challenges of their Earth plane existence while rapidly moving them to the evolutionary goal of Self-Knowledge - which is the intuitive inner knowing that arises within a seeker and continually informs him or her that they are embodiments of the Infinite Spirit and Creator of the Universe. This is the realization that Karttikeya, the Lord of the Seven Rays, was sent to Earth by his mother Sophia, Lady  of the Seven Rays, to reveal to each evolving human being. Out of Her love for humanity Sophia determined that each of Her children should become aware of the truth that God dwells within them as them. 

Seven Ray-Dragon Master transforms a person into a Spiritual Warrior and a Dragon Master. Once a person graduates from the training they take their place as a preceptor and mentor of others on this path. They receive a rainbow belt to wear around their heads and Third Eye to symbolize their status as wisdom keepers. They are also eligible to become a Lord or Lady Knight of the Dragon Ways. In that role they serve as the guardians and protectors of the Dragon courts and thrones of Karttikeya, the Dragon King, around the globe, such as the Court of the Dragon King in Sedona, Arizona. 

The Seven Ray-Dragon Master Curriculum when followed to its conclusion requires a minimum of one year to complete. The various courses and subjects that must be completed are listed below. They are taught by video, recommended books and in Sedona during live seminars. As one progresses through the curriculum he or she advances through three degrees. They begin as a Seven Ray-Dragon Master Level 1 and then study the curriculum for that level until it is satisfactorily completed, and then they receive the title Dragon Adept. Then they move to Seven Ray- Dragon Master Level 2, which on completion they receive the title Dragon Priest or Priestess. And, finally they move to Level 3, after which they receive the title Dragon Master and the eligibility to become a Lord or Lady Knight of the Dragon Ways. Notes: If a Spiritual Warrior has previously studied certain subjects required for a certain level they are not obligated to take the subject again. Most all the course will eventually be recorded on Live Stream or they can be studied as books or correspondence courses. Please look over the curriculum listed below for each Spiritual Warrior-Dragon Master level. Those students not enrolled in the Spiritual Warrior-Dragon Master Training are welcome to study any of the courses from any level at any time.   

The Seven Ray-Dragon Master Curriculum

​Seven Ray-Dragon Master Training Level 1

  1. Read An Initiate's Guide to the Path of the Dragon 

  2. Path of the Dragon History, Families, Orders, Schools, Rites, etc. - 1 Video, study book (or live seminar)

  3. Study Dragon Lairs (Vortexes), Dragon Lines, the Planetary Grid and Dowsing Techniques

  4. Create an Alchemical Dragon Temple for healing and transformation Part 1- 1 Video, study book (or live seminar)

  5. Dragon Alchemy 1 Video (or live seminar)

  6. Hatha Yoga and Pranayama  1-2 Classes or Videos (or live seminar).

  7. Meditation Mantras 1 Class/Video  (or live seminar)

  8. Alchemical Meditation to awaken Kundalini & activate the Dragon Body 1 Video (or live seminar)

  9. Sacred Geometry: Alpha and Omega of the Universe 1 Class/Video and/or study book                      Sacred Geometry and the Creation of the Universe

Upon completion receive the title of Dragon Adept. 

Seven Ray- Dragon Master Training Level 2

  1. The Seven Ray Healing System Correspondence Course (or live seminar)

    1. Learn the esoteric anatomy of the etheric Dragon Body of chakras and meridians/nadis

    2. Learn to heal through the physical body and the etheric Dragon Body 

    3. Learn what the Seven Rays are, how they create and maintain the universe & guide each person, etc. -1 Live Stream Class or Video (or live seminar)

    4. Learn the gems and mantras for the Rays, Planets and Signs

  2. Create an Alchemical Dragon Temple for healing and transformation Part 2- 1 Video, study course (or live seminar)

  3. Study Dragon Ritual and Dragon Magic 1 Video (or live seminar.) 

  4. Self-Defense Training 1-2 Classes or Videos

Upon completion receive the title of Dragon Priest or Priestess. 

Seven Ray-Dragon Master Training Level 3

  1. Survival Training 1-2 Videos (or live seminar)

    1. Learn survival techniques for any environment.​

  2. Seven Ray-Gnostic Astrology- 1-2 Videos, study course (or live seminar)

  3. Power Mantras/Incantations/Yantras/Sigils 1-2 Videos, study book/course (or live seminar)

  4. Learn the 108 Sanscrit Names of the Goddess

  5. The History, Philosophy & Practices of Tantric Shaivism 1-2 Classes or Videos (or live seminar)

  6. Learn advanced teachings of the Dragon Masters and Siddhas. Initiation into the Siddha Lineage.​

  7. Learn the Three Gnostic Centers and how to activate  the indwelling Kundalini Dragon Force on yourself and others

Upon completion receive the title of Dragon Master and qualify to become a Lord or Lady Knight of the Dragon Ways. 

Upcoming Seven Ray-Dragon Master Training

Seven Ray-Dragon Master Training Level 1

September 20-22, 2019

Sedona, AZ

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Recent Seven Ray-Dragon Master Classes & Training

Watch Previous Learn it Live Classes

Purchase these previous classes and their Video URLs will be emailed to you.

Cost: $25.00 or $20.00 for Seven Ray Order Members


Alchemical Meditation of the Siddhas

Learn the ancient alchemical meditation techniques of the Siddhas, the Perfected Masters of India, that are designed to awaken the Kundalini power and transport a person into Samadhi, complete union with God. 

Cost: $25.00 or $20.00 for Seven Ray Order Members


Hatha Yoga and Pranayama of

the Dragon Masters and Siddhas

In this special Live Stream seminar the asanas (stretches) and pranayama (breath control) of the Siddha Goraknath's school of Hatha Yoga will be presented. The 8 Stages of Yoga of the Siddha Patanjali will also be introduced. These yoga practices and yoga philosophy have been adhered to by Siddhas (Perfected Masters) for many ages in order to achieve Kundalini activation and the goal of God-Realization.

Cost: $25.00 or $20.00 for Seven Ray Order Members





Sacred Geometry and the Creation of the Universe,

Earth, Humanity, Time, and Movement

In this special presentation the entire Creation of the Universe, Humanity, Time, Movement, and all Life Forms throughout the Cosmos is covered via the unfolding, sequential forms of Sacred Geometry. The Golden Mean Spiral, the Seed and Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube, Vesica Pisces, 5 Platonic Solids, Star Tetrahedron, etc. will all be featured. 

Cost: $25.00 or $20.00 for Seven Ray Order Members


The Secret History and Yoga Practices of the Siddhas


Learn the secret history, lineages, mantras and yogic practices of the Siddhas, the "Perfected Ones," who achieved enlightenment through the very ancient Path of Shaivism. The Siddhas and their Shaivite Path are part of the Left Hand Path that coalesced out of the Worldwide Bull Cult that followed the "Garden of Eden" era. The Siddhas Babaji, Agastya, Bogarnath, Patanjali, Goraknath, Bhagavan Nityananda, Paramahamsa Yogananda, and Paramahamsa Muktananda are just a few of the Siddhas that will be presented. 

This class was taught by Mark Amaru Pinkham, Director of the School of Shaivism and a practitioner of the Siddha Path for over 40 years.




The Secrets of the Seven Rays


The Seven Rays create and preserve the cosmos. All things are shaped and governed by one or two Rays.

In this seminar learn:
1. How the Seven Rays create the universe.
2. How to determine your Ray(s) and the Rays of others.
3. The skills and destiny you inherit with each Ray.
4. The Seven Rays and how they determine Astrology.
5. The minerals and gems each Ray native should wear.
6. The Lords and Ladies (your guides) of each Ray.




The Gnostic-Alchemical Path that leads to the Pinnacle of Human Evolution


This is the path that leads to the highest evolutionary state a human can attain. It begins by awakening the inner evolutionary force at the base of the spine and then by moving it up to the brain, thereby activating a person's full potential. This is the path that, for many ages, has been practiced, guarded and taught around the globe by Yogis, Shamans, Gurus, Alchemists, Initiates, and adepts of the Great White Brotherhood. It leads to Kundalini and Chakra activation and culminates in God Realization - the realization that God exists within You as You. In this seminar learn the history and rites of this most ancient and primal path to enlightenment. 


The Ancient "Shaivite" Tradition That Encompassed The Globe

After The "Garden of Eden"


Following the legendary Garden of Eden a spiritual tradition encompassed the globe that resembled the modern Shaivite Path - the Path of Lord Shiva - now observed throughout India. The elements of this path - the Shiva Lingam, the Sacred Bull, the Swastika and veneration of the Pleiades- were once ubiquitous around the globe.