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by Mark Amaru Pinkham


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An Initiates's Guide to the Path of the Dragon

In this new groundbreaking, 480 page, one-of-a-kind book you will learn:

1. The Dragon Orders, Lineages, and Families in Asia and Europe

2. Emperor Sigismund, Vlad Tepe III, Saint Germain and the Order of the Dragon

3. The Descent of the Dragon Tribes and Families from Middle Earth

4. Over 150 pages of Alchemical Practices of the  Dragon Masters and the Siddhas

5. The Dragon Schools of the Left Hand Path and Goddess Tradition

6. The Ancient Courts and Edens of the Dragon King of the World

7.  Descent of Jesus & Mary Magdalene from the Dragon Pharaoh Akhenaton

8. Ceremonial Dragon Magic 

9. And Much, Much More!

Residents of the USA  $27.00 includes shipping                                        Residents of Other Countries $54.95 includes shipping

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​​The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom - Special Edition

This landmark book brings together the lineages and teachings of the spiritual masters around the world whose symbol has been the serpent or dragon. The book traces the fabled beginnings of these adepts from the legendary continents in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, to their later occurrences as the pyramid builders, priest kings and hierophants of pre-Christian cultures around the globe, and finally to their clandestine manifestation as the Secret Societies of Europe, within which they orchestrated the overthrow of the British rule and the eventual founding of the United States of America. 400 pgs, richly illustrated. 

In this book you will learn the history and teachings of the following “Serpents”:

*The Nagas of India

*The Lung Dragons of China

*The Djedhi of Egypt

*The Amaru of Peru

*The Druid Adders of Britain

*The Levites of Palestine

*The Ashipu priests of Mesopotamia

*The Quetzlcoatls of Mexico

*The Snake Clan of North America

*The Templars, Freemasons, and Rosicrucians

 Residents of the USA  $26.00 includes shipping                                        Residents of Other Countries $54.95 includes shipping

Book PDF $19.95

















Guardians of the Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John the Baptist, and the Water of Life-Special Edition.

by Mark Amaru Pinkham, Past Knights Templar Grand Prior of IOGT

This book contains the Secret Histories and Mysteries of the Holy Grail.


1. The ancient and current location of the Holy Grail

2. What the Holy Grail truly is 

3. The Holy Grail Mysteries of the Knights Templar

4. The heretical Holy Grail practices of the Templars

5. The many Holy Chalices and their locations

6. The Holy Grail Relics of the Arma Christi

7. The origin of the Holy Grail Mysteries in the Far East

8. Mary Magdalene and the Grail Bloodline

9. The Fisher Kings and their Grail Castles

10. John the Baptist and the Human Holy Grails

Residents of the USA  $23.00 includes shipping                                        Residents of Other Countries $49.95 includes shipping

Book PDF $16.95

































​​​​​This landmark book is full of radically new information and discoveries about the ancient mysteries of Sedona uncovered
and experienced by Mark over a 27 year period that could rewrite history, not only of Sedona, but for the world.
Topics covered in the Sedona: City of the Star People
* The one million year history of Sedona
* In Hopi legend Sedona is Palatkwapi, the City of the Star People
* The red rock temples of Palatkwapi still exist physically in Sedona
* In one of Sedona's canyons is the ancient court of Masau'u, the Hopis' King of the World
* Sedona, Root Chakra of Earth
* The Sedona Grid and Chakra Points
* The Yezidis know Masau'u as their Peacock Angel and visit his court in Sedona 

Purchase your signed copy online 

Residents of the USA  $26.00 includes shipping                                        Residents of Other Countries $52.95 includes shipping

Book PDF $19.95




















This book tells the complete story of the Gnostic-Alchemical Path since the Pleiadian Savior Sanat Kumara or Karttikeya brought it to Earth for the spiritual upliftment of humanity. It covers:

** The Complete History of the Gnostic Alchemical Path since the Gnostics' First Instructor (the Serpent on the Tree) taught it in the many Gardens of the Dragons (Edens) that appeared at the beginning of numerous cycles of time.

**The Gnostic sects and practices of the Egyptian Gnostics, Sufis, Johannites, and Tantric Yogis of India.

**The history of Gnostic Civilizations that were based on the Gnostic-Alchemical Path. The Gnostic Civilizations of the Lemurians, Shambhala, the Tibetans, Essenes, Mandaeans, Cathars, Yezidis, Incas, Egyptians, etc. are all presented.

**The history of the modern movement to create a worldwide Gnostic Civilization that began with the Sufis and then continued with the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati, and more.

**The institutions, political parties, government, religion, and education expected to be part of the prophesied Coming Gnostic Civilization.

​** Easy daily practices you can adopt to make your life supportive of attaining Gnosis.

“WORLD GNOSIS must surely be the most authoritative book on its subject ever written. Mark Amaru Pinkham has woven together a rich and fascinating history of Gnostic myth and legend from the dawn of human self-awareness through to today - and then he provides guidance on how we can all move forward to a better, reunited world. Simply brilliant!

Christopher Knight, co-author of The Hiram Key and Before the Pyramids

Residents of the USA  $26.00 includes shipping                                        Residents of Other Countries $52.95 includes shipping

Book PDF $19.95




















When Lemuria sank into the Pacific Ocean Seven Ray Healing was taken to China, India and Peru where it thrived as Chinese Medicine, Siddha Medicine, and Andean Shamanism. Now its three parts have been reunited as The Seven Rays of Healing System.  

The premise of Seven Ray Healing is extremely simple. All people and all inner organs vibrate to one of the Seven Rays. Dis-ease results when a person and/or an inner organ loses alignment with its Ray, and health is re-established when they are re-aligned with their proper Ray.


Learn one of the easiest and most complete diagnostic and natural healing treatment approaches ever taught. The Seven Rays of Healing System can be used by itself for excellent results, and it makes the perfect adjunct to a natural healing practice of massage, Reiki, counseling, energy healing, etc.  

Residents of the USA  $27.00 includes shipping                                        Residents of Other Countries $54.95 includes shipping

Book PDF $21.95



The story of the life of Jesus Christ was based on a series of much older Christ Myths that began with the Neolithic Green Man who was  born to a virgin and a father in the heavens in December and later resurrected in the spring. The Green Man Christ Myth evolved into the Christ Myths of many Near Eastern and Far Eastern Divine Sons of God, including the Hindu Murugan, the Mesopotamian Tammuz, the Egyptian Osiris and the Greek Dionysus. It also evolved into the Persian Christ Myth of the Divine Son of God, Mithras, and in this form it was taken west by by Magi Priests to Tarsus of Cilicia and into the hands of the city's most famous resident, St. Paul. When the future Apostle traveled to Palestine with the Roman Legions and heard the life story of Jesus, he recognized the Jewish Messiah to be Mithras, who according to ancient Persian prophecy was scheduled to incarnate at the same time as Jesus. When it became time for him to spread the Gospel to the Gentiles, St. Paul amalgamated most of the important events in the life of Mithras onto the life of Jesus. This became the authorized Christ Myth of Jesus taught within the Christian Church.    


Residents of the USA  $20.95 includes shipping                                        Residents of Other Countries $47.95 includes shipping

Book PDF $14.95













The True History of an Ancient Battle:  God vs. Goddess; Patriarchy vs. Matriarchy

*The Pleiadian-Venusian founders of the Goddess Tradition                 

* The Truth about Lucifer, the Goddess's First Son & King of the World
* Lemuria, the Cradle of the Matriarchy, love and allowance                     

 * Atlantis, the Cradle of the Patriarchy, dualism and domination
* The Spread of the Goddess's Worldwide Venus Culture 

* The Evolution of the Goddess's Planetary Bull Cult
* The Last Stand  and Defeat of Patriarchal Nazism by the Matriarchy    

* The Coming United Civilization of the Fifth World of Venus


Residents of the USA  $20.95 includes shipping                                        Residents of Other Countries $47.95 includes shipping

Book PDF $14.95









In Sacred Geometry and the Creation of the Universe the intricate shapes of Sacred Geometry are explained as representations of the successive stages in the creation of the universe. Beginning with the Big Bang, each Sacred Geometrical shape is shown to correspond to an important step in the creation of the cosmos. With large print and illustrations covering each page, this book clearly and easily gives an deep understanding of both Sacred Geometry and the cosmology of the universe. 


"Mark Amaru Pinkham is a well informed and conscious researcher that delivers a true gem of a book. Filled with critical wisdom, combining a wide area of knowledge for those who want to connect the dots from the ancient past, mythology, shamanic teachings, cymatics, sacred geometry, the laws of nature, and all the important stuff that they don't teach us at school. Easy to read and very hard to put down once you start. A real feast for enlightened souls and those who seek higher levels of enlightenment."       Michael Tellinger, internationally renown  teacher and author of Temples of the African Gods


Residents of the USA  $18.95 includes shipping                                        Residents of Other Countries $45.95 includes shipping

Book PDF $12.95

















In this video Vortex Tour Guide Mark Amaru Pinkham takes you to nine of the most important and powerful vortexes of Sedona while fully explaining how a vortex works, as well as the esoteric, historical and geological history of Sedona. At each vortex Mark will demonstrate how to fully tap into the energy of the vortex and use it to expand your consciousness and achieve psychic and interdimensional awareness. Through this video Mark will lead you to the kind of dramatic mystical experience that Sedona is famous for.  

Residents of the USA  $25.95 includes shipping                                        Residents of Other Countries $47.95 includes shipping

Video URL $19.95








Learn the Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects of Western Astrology
and how to interpret a Natal Astrology Chart according to the system of Spiritual Astrology.
​For Beginning and Advanced Students 
Taught by Astrologer Mark Amaru Pinkham
Price includes Six 90 minute Videos and the power point used in each in a pdf format for study.


Learn how to chart and interpret Progressions, Transits and Solar Returns

according to the system of Spiritual Astrology.

Taught by Astrologer Mark Amaru Pinkham


​​​Price includes Two 90 minute Videos and the power point used in each in a pdf format for study.



If you read Tarot you can read Astrology. Learn the common origin and one-to-one correspondences

between the Major Arcana of the Tarot and the 12 Signs of the Zodiac.

If you want confirmation for your Tarot readings there is not a better

or more compatible divination system than Astrology.


Price includes One 90 minute Video and the power point used in a pdf format for study.



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