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Classes On  Shaivism






The Secret History and Rites of the Shaivite Siddhas

Learn the history, rites and philosophy of the Siddhas who achieved complete enlightenment and immortality through the Path of Shaivism.  



Hatha Yoga and Pranayama of

the Dragon Masters and Siddhas

In this special Live Stream seminar the asanas (stretches) and pranayama (breath control) of the Siddha Goraknath's school of Hatha Yoga will be presented. The 8 Stages of Yoga of the Siddha Patanjali will also be introduced. These yoga practices and yoga philosophy have been adhered to by Siddhas (Perfected Masters) for many ages in order to achieve Kundalini activation and the goal of God-Realization.

Cost: $25.00 or $20.00 for Seven Ray Order Members







Alchemical Meditation of the Siddhas

Learn the ancient alchemical meditation techniques of the Siddhas, the Perfected Masters of India, that are designed to awaken the Kundalini power and transport a person into Samadhi, complete union with God. 

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What is Shaivism?

Shaivism is one name of the ancient path to enlightenment brought to Earth and taught by Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the Seven Rays. This is because the primal Gnostic-Alchemical Path promulgated by Sanat Kumara culminates in union with Shiva - the Transcendental Self. Shiva is the Infinite Spirit that exists within everyone's heart and their true identity. Thus, all true paths eventually lead to Shiva and to God Realization - the realization that God exists within you as you.  

As opposed to religion or the Right Hand Path that advocates the abeyance to and worship of an outer God or deity , Shaivism is the name for the Left Hand Path that leads to union with the inner God or Spirit within each person's heart. The Left Hand Path initially leads to the awakening of the inner evolutionary force of Kundalini, which once activated rises up the spine to awaken one's chakras and eventually reveal to him or her their true identity.

The path of Shaivism leads to union with the 4th state of consciousness known as TURIYA. In this transcendental state a person realizes his or her oneness with the God and their true nature as embodiments of the Infinite Spirit. 

Shaivism is non-dual in its theology. Shaivism teaches that the physical universe emerged out of the Infinite Spirit at the beginning of time and is thus a form of Shiva. Physical objects are only perceived as different from God because of the illusory force of Maya. Thus, all things, both animate and inanimate - including each person-is a manifestation of Shiva. In truth, "It's all Shiva," "It's all God."   

Shaivism was first taught on the Pacific Continent of Mu or Lemuria before being taken around the globe by the missionaries of Sanat Kumara. Wherever the teachings of the Lord of the Seven Rays took hold upon the Earth so did the Left Hand Path of Shaivism. For example, on Atlantis and Egypt, where Sanat Kumara was venerated respectively as trident-wielding Neptune and the Egyptian deity of three powers, Ptah-Sokar-Osiris, the Shaivite path that leads to Kundalini activation, God Realization and physical immortality became the undercurrent and foundation of the spiritual cultures that flourished within those countries for thousands of years. In India, where this Left Hand Path has always been known as "Shaivism," the ancient Shaivite tradition culminated in the authorship of virtually thousands of Tantras - treatises on the creation of the universe and Kundalini activation - which have for thousands of years been the guiding light for sincere yogis on the path to union with Shiva. Thus, Shaivism is essentially synonymous with the Tantric Path.        


What is Shiva?












Shiva is the unseen and formless Infinite Spirit that created this universe through its power, known as Shakti, the universal female principle. Shiva then cloaks itself - or takes a physical birth through - Shakti. Shiva then manifests as its own Son, Sanat Kumara, who is Shiva with a form. Thus, even though Shiva with a form is normally referred to as Shiva, technically it Shiva's Son, Sanat Kumara, Lord of the Seven Rays.


In his formless and imminent forms Shiva creates, preserves and destroys the universe. Shiva as Nataraj, Lord of the Dance, symbolizes the actualization of these three powers in creating, preserving and destroying the cosmos. 


In the form of Nagaraj, or meditating Shiva,  Shiva's three powers are represented by his trishul or trident. The serpents that cover Shiva's body denote the power or Shakti that emanates from the formless and transcendental Shiva. Shiva's drum, or damaru, denotes the sound through which Shiva creates the universe. Meditating Shiva's eyes are typically only half open. His focus is directed inwards on his own Self, which exists within the heart of all meditators.   

What will the School of Shaivism teach you? 

The School of Shaivism will teach you the complete history and practices that lead to complete union with Shiva, your innermost Divine Self. You will learn many of the Tantras and the practices promulgated therein that lead to union with Shiva. You will also study many of the branches of Shaivism, including the non-dual gnostic tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, as well as the southern India Shaivite schools of Siddhanta Shaivism and Vira Shaivism. The School of Shaivism also teaches the Path of the Shaivite Siddhas, the "Perfected Masters" who have achieved God-Realization through the yogic and alchemical practices of Shaivism. You will learn the lineages of these Shaivite Siddhas and the special Shaivite practices they have promulgated under the name of the Siddha Marga, the Siddha Path. The Siddha Path and all the other schools of Shaivism mentioned above will be taught both online via Live Stream and as live seminars in Sedona and elsewhere.    

Why Sedona?








Sedona is one of the world headquarters of Shavism because it is a place where Shaivism was taught in the distant past. As testimony of this truth, Sedona is home to Thunder Mountain, a towering edifice that resembles Mt. Kailash, Shiva's legendary home, and it has even been referred to as the "Sedona Kailash." Like its Tibetan counterpart, Thunder Mountain similarly  takes the form of a Shiva Lingam - one of the principle forms of Shiva. Sedona is also one of the planetary courts of Sanat Kumara, the primeval promulgator of Shaivism, and his Sedona throne - located in the very center of the large Sedona vortex -  takes the form of a smaller Shiva Lingam.   

The Teacher

Mark Amaru Pinkham is the principle teacher in the School of Shaivism. Mark has spent most of his life studying and following the path of Shaivism. During the past 40 years he has visited the Shaivite temples and teachers of India eight times and lived for nearly 3 years in the country within the ashrams of the Siddha Master Swami Muktananda and Jagadguru, "World Guru," Mata Amritanandamayi.  

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