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The Lord and Lady Knights of Tawsi Melek are guardians of the wisdom brought to Earth by the First and Greatest of the Angels, the Peacock Angel.  The Lord and Lady Knights of Tawsi Melek both protect and teach the Mysteries of the Peacock Angel to worthy seekers. They also teach the sacred history of Tawsi Melek and help administer The Most Ancient Order of the Peacock Angel. Their other responsibilities include protecting and supporting the People of the Peacock Angel, the Yezidis, and their sacred city of Lalish in northern, Iraq, as well as caretaking and protecting the courts of the Peacock King around the globe, including the Court of the King in Sedona, Arizona, the one at Mt. Kailash in Tibet, and those located in the Royal Road of the King that encircles the Earth and has 30 N Lat in its center. to protect the   



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