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The Sisterhood of Sophia is a branch for women of

The Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays.


Sophia is the Lady of the Seven Rays, the creator of them. Her Seven Rays are experienced as seven colors, tones and seven crystalline axis systems. It's through these seven principles or seven parts of Sophia, or the Lords and Ladies of the Seven Rays, that the universe of form came to completion and into a state of balance. They are the ones who oversee and guide every life form and each human being in the universe, each of which is aligned with one or two of the Seven Rays.

Our Sisterhood of Sophia Facilitators




Andrea Mikana-Pinkham & Melody Heart 

Andrea Mikana-Pinkham is an avid practitioner and teacher of the Goddess Tradition. She is the Tour Director as well as the Speaker & Meditation/Sacred Ceremony Facilitator on Sacred Sites Journeys to the world's most important sacred sites. In addition to being one of the lead teachers in The Sisterhood of Sophia, she is a teacher in The Seven Rays Order and Mystery School. She is a trained shamanic practitioner, Reiki Grand Master of Ichi Sekai (One World) Reiki, a clairaudient spiritual counselor. Andrea has re-connected with her hereditary and spiritual roots in various lineages of the Divine Feminine during the sacred journeys that she leads. She is also an ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church.For more information about Andrea, visit

Melody Heart is a formally trained metaphysician, clairsentient, claircognizant, intuitive counselor, intuitive coach, workshop presenter, prayer therapist, energy healer, teacher, channel, Hospice chaplain, and ordained Minister and Priestess with the Madonna Ministry and Universal Life Church. She believes that each person is a Divine Being with Creator-given abilities that can be used for the Greater Good. All of her service work is under the direction of the Spiritual Hierarchy, Angelic Realms, the Divine Feminine Lineage, and the Great Goddesses that are helping to rebalance humanity at this time. She has been in the field of metaphysics for over three decades and is dedicated to helping others awaken to their own Divinity and to express their Oneness with All That Is. Rev. Melody Heart is the Founder and Director of the Arizona non-profit corporation, the Goddess Heart Foundation, Inc. which is dedicated to the Empowerment of women on a global scale through their own Wisdom and Awakening allowing them the Freedom to Live Inspired, Creative, Loving, and Passionate Lives!





Practical Exercises, Meditation and Information

About Sophia, Lady of the Seven Rays, The 7 Rays, Their Attributes,

and the Various Goddesses Associated with them


Taught by Seven Ray Initiates

Andrea Mikana-Pinkham & Melody Heart


For those women who would like to become a Priestess of Sophia, we will offer that auspicious opportunity during our 9th seminar. What does it mean to be a Priestess of Sophia? Sophia, as the embodiment of Gnostic Wisdom, the fullness of Inner Knowing, embodies all of the various Goddesses who make up the pantheon associated with the Seven Rays.  A Priestess of Sophia is an empowered woman who seeks to the best of her ability to be in touch with Sophia, as well as her own Inner Wisdom.

As a Priestess you will be grounded in Her energies, as well as that of the Seven Rays and their various Goddesses. Through your unique Gifts of Spirit/Sophia, you may embody Will & Power (1st Ray), the Wisdom of the Divine Mind (2nd Ray), Creativity (3rd Ray), Love, Beauty, Balance & Harmony (4th Ray), Healing (5th Ray), Service & Devotion (6th Ray), and/or Spiritual Transformation (7th Ray).

You will then be a representative of Sophia, the Lady of the Seven Rays, on Earth. And you will be able to offer these gifts to others for their spiritual growth and development.


The Fifth Green Ray of  Healing, Technology & Culture

 The Fifth Ray Goddesses:

Athena (Greece); Minerva (Roman); Neith (Egypt); Saraswati (India); The Muses (Greece)

Plus: 1) A Discussion About Healing, Culture and Technology in Our Lives & How to Connect with Them 2) Invocation to the 5th Ray Goddesses 3) A Guided Meditation to Connect with Them 4) Question and Answer Period

Thursday, January 24, 2019

6:00PM Pacific Daylight Time in the USA

(Please calculate the time in your home city accordingly.)

Investment: $25.00

To Register, use this link

Scroll down to " The Sisterhood of Sophia - The Fifth Ray & Its Goddesses,

plus a Guided Meditation" then click on "Register Now".


1) You must register at least 30 minutes

before the online session begins.

 2) If you cannot attend the live seminar, please register anyway.

After the session is complete you can receive a link to aYou Tube Video to watch at a time more convenient for you.

 3) This is the 3rd seminar offered in this 9-part series.



If you missed the previous seminars, you can still become a Priestess of Sophia by catching up.  To catch up by watching the 1st and 2nd Seminars please click on the links below. The cost for each is $25.00

or $20.00 Seven Ray Order Member's Price 

. As soon as the payment is received you will receive 

links to the recorded classes 


The 1st seminar is an Intro to the Sisterhood of Sophia

as well as the Goddesses of each Ray

and a Guided Meditation .


The 2nd seminar covers the First Ray and its Goddesses:

Cybele, Rhea, Hecate, Tripura Sundari, and the Morrigan

plus "Using Your Power Effectively",  How to invoke the First Ray Goddesses and a Guided Meditation  



The 3rd seminar covers the Second Ray and its Goddesses:

Sophia, Chokhmah, Maat, Wadjet, and Mary Magdalene.  

Also: Meditations to Assist you to Connect with Your Own Divine (Inner) Wisdom, A Discussion About Discernment, Invocation to the 2nd Ray Goddesses and a Guided Meditation to Connect with them.

The 4th seminar covers the Third Ray and its Goddesses:

Shakti, Sekhmet, Brigid, and Pele.  

Also: Meditations to Assist you to Connect with Your Creativity, A Discussion About Creativity, Invocation to the 3rd Ray Goddesses and a Guided Meditation to Connect with them.

The 5th seminar covers the Fourth Ray and its Goddesses:

Inanna-Ishtar, Aphrodite, Hathor, Lakshmi, Pachmama, and Diana.  


2)A Discussion About the Expression of Love, Beauty, Balance & Harmony in Our Lives & How to Connect with Them

3) Invocation to the 4th Ray Goddesses

4) A Guided Meditation to Connect with Them






Once you've received the initiation as a Priestess of Sophia, you will have the further auspicious opportunity to enroll in the 2nd Level of the Priestess Training, which will begin in September 2018 (all online live or by viewing recorded YouTube videos). 

During this training you will be given the opportunity to deepen your connection with Sophia and the other 7 Ray Goddesses. There will also be in-depth empowerment exercises and rituals for your continued spiritual growth, as well as a teacher training. 


For more information about the Sisterhood of Sophia, visit


ART: Sophia by Emily Balivet


Thanks! The Blessings of Sophia to You!

Andrea Mikana Pinkham and Melody Heart


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